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Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Little Working Song!

You may know this song.

It is from a movie.

It is cute.

It is disney.

It has been playing nonstop in my house for about a week.

Happy Litttle Working Song from the movie Enchanted just doesn't get old to my mom. She has had it on repeat because we are cleaning the house for my grad party which is this Saturday. The only reason why all of hell has broken loose in my house is because this house hasn't been 'clean' in years. Heck, if someone were to come into my room and see that I'm not 'cleaning' but in fact 'leisurely typing it up on my laptop,' I would probably be incinerated with the flamethrower that my father's eyes transform into.

That being said, I just wanted to type up a little dilly to get myself back into the habit of writing my 'feelings,' which will eventually turn into 'creativity,' which will eventually help me finish some fanfiction that has been idly sitting unfinished in Microsoft Word for about five years. Yup, procrastination at its finest. Just like my uncleaned room. Ciao.

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